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Pole Fitness Classes

  • Intro Pole 
  • This is for FIRST-TIME POLERZ ONLY! You will get a taste of what pole fitness is all about. 

  • Beginner Pole
  • This class uses the basic pole moves & enhances them with transitions & floor work.  Learn mini pole moves, spins, and routines that you can incorporate into your own dance routine.  You will crawl, flip, trick & transition yourself into your own sexy routine.  It is a great full body workout.
  • (It is recommended that you take this class 3- 5 times).

  • Intermediate/Advanced Pole
  • This class is for students who feel very comfortable with inversions, leg hangs, and climbing. Students must have taken Pole Appeal/Intro Pole before signing up for this class. This class is for students who want to continue the journey and deepen their experience. In this class you will continue to learn new moves, begin to invert, and review and master what has already been taught. Each class will end with either a challenging routing or freestyle dance as you progress in confidence, knowledge, strength, and stamina.

  • All Level Pole
  • This class is for every level of pole from rookies to vets!

  • Pole Fit
  •  Cardio, pole, and strength combined to give you an invigorating workout that will keep you coming back for more! With a new format every week, your body will be in the finest shape. We will be using the pole as a workout tool to improve your balance and core strength for pole and overall general fitness. You will gain upper body and core strength with this unique workout. All levels are welcome as we will work up a sweat as we progress ourselves to new levels. You will work your core every way possible in this class.  From planks & pikes in the aerial swings, to bicycles on the mat. It is challenging but you will feel great when done! Together we will build confidence and strength!

  • Hell on Heelz
  • Hell on Heelz incorporates both dance and fitness. Feel sexy while burning calories. This class allows you to strut your stuff, show off your newest dance moves and get fit while doing so. The workout focuses on the core, butt, and thighs, and then you will learn a sexy dance routine. Bring a pair of tennis shoes, Stilettos are optional. Bring WINE!

  • Twerk-n-Tone
  • Learn to TWERK and WERK!!! Twerk n Tone is a CARDIO DANCE PARTY that fuses EXERCISE with DANCE MOVES. It is a series of easy to follow “moves” !

  • Hip Hop Cardio
  • Hip Hop Cardio is a form of aerobic exercise using of an elevated platform (the step). The height can be tailored to individual needs by inserting risers under the step. Hip Hop Cardio choreographed dances that incorporate  hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Squats and lunges are also included. All ages and levels are welcomed. This class is super fun and a great way to burn calories and get a good SWEAT!

  • Yoga
  • Yoga is designed to improve the health, performance, and mental acuity of athletes or individuals interested in improving their level of fitness.
  • Wine Down Wednesday (Baton Rouge) 18 to participate MUST be 21 yrs old to drink BYOW

  • Cheerleading Available by appointment ONLY- Individual and Group rates available

  • Toddler Tumbling
  • Toddler Tumbling introduces the basic skills to learn beginner tumbling skills. This tumbling class is offered to toddlers from ages 2-5 years old.
  • Tumbling (Levels 1&2) Enhances tumbling skills.

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