About Us

Gemini Studioz is a unique and hip Midtown Mobile, Alabama based group fitness and cheer/dance studio for men and women.  Gemini Studioz is committed to providing Mobile with a one of a kind, fun, body changing fitness experience that caters to a range of ages and takes pride in ensuring classes are created with the specific needs and goals of each client. We offer innovative and trendy fitness classes that make exercising exciting and interesting. Join us today to discover your inner strength, inner spirit, inner confidence, inner flexibility and for the ladies your inner Gemini!

Ayla Goodson is the Founder/CEO of Gemini Studioz in Mobile, Alabama. At the age of 6, Ayla began gymnastics classes marking the beginning of her athletic career.  As a natural ball of energy, Ayla channeled her skills to a similar athletic avenue where she found her love for cheerleading.  Ayla began cheering in middle school which carried her on through her college years.


Ayla received a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA in 2010.  While at Southern University, Ayla was a member of the All-Girl Cheerleading Squad from 2006-2007.  She then joined the Southern University Collegiate Co-Ed Cheerleading Squad from 2007-2010.  During her time at Southern, Ayla was captain of the cheer squad from 2009-2010.  Under the phenomenal leadership of James Smith, Ayla was apart of an amazing team winning first place at the South Western Athletic Conference (2007-2008), featured in the Black College Football “Xperience” Cheerleaders Xbox System (2007), and featured in “Cheer” book by Kate Torgovnick (2007-2008).


In 2007, Ayla was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  With any disappointing news, there is always a silver lining.  Knowing the seriousness of diabetes, Ayla began to embrace the importance of health and fitness. Searching for various areas to find fun in fitness, she remained active with cheerleading, and discovered the intense workout and benefit of Pole Fitness.


In 2011, Ayla moved to Houston, TX and teamed up with two of her previous cheer-mates from Southern, they started their own cheerleading mentorship program “Cheer on the GROW”.  As a coach with the Fort Bend Youth Football League, Ayla had the opportunity to coach for 3 years. Determined to make a difference and continue to inspire others to follow their dreams, Ayla made the decision to bring her talents and passions back home to Mobile, Al.

Gemini Studioz, LLC was created to motivate young and old women to understand just how important health and fitness is to everyday life.


Message from CEO: You are never too young, never too old, or never too inexperienced to pursue what you were created to do.  Use your gifts to inspire and influence others in a positive light.  Never give up on your goals.  The journey maybe difficult, but the destination is worth it!  Ayla@geministudioz.com


"FITNESS Can be FUN!!"

phone: 251.287.2104 | 3240 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36606